Interior Designer

Founded in 2016, ML Design Studio creates interior design to a diverse scale of projects ranging from smaller apartments to large private houses. Our main style can be called poetic modernism, but we are happy to “play” with other modern styles and trends as well.

The ambition is to forge new paths by balancing opposites — classic and modern, industrial and organic, sculptural and minimal, light and shade. Duality and contrast. Curiosity as a fundamental human condition.

The studio’s intuitive approach embodies designs that are distinctively shaped by given circumstances, functional needs, and a fundamental interest in human behavior. It is a sense of and belief in a slow aesthetic that centers quality and longevity.

Our team’s work is characterized by meticulous attention to the concept and details of every project, and a steady focus on refining design ideas across disciplines to arrive at a solution which is as coherent as it is beautiful.