Architectural Overview

If you are thinking of building or remodelling your home it is highly recommended to include the interior designer in the process at an early stage. This enables the designer to get involved with the spatial plan, make recommendations for changes where necessary, and draw attention to small important details. Creating an accurate and detailed floor plan before construction work begins is of key importance. As an experienced interior designer I will ensure that the end result is functional and matches your vision.

Interior Design

When designing any space the goal is always to create interiors that are aesthetically pleasing and cozy, but also efficient and practical to make our lives more comfortable. As an interior designer I help to create interiors that tick all the right boxes and fit the tastes, lifestyles and needs of my clients. I make sure that the scale and proportions are correct and the movement from one room to another feels natural and smooth. I provide a full-scale interior furnishing project together with a suitable lighting solution.

Fittings and Finishes Specifications

All finishes and interior design elements enliven the interior and create a perfect look. However, choosing the right materials and details can be a very time consuming and complicated process because the choice is very large. I know the market, providers, prices and solutions and will help you find the best options to suit your home, budget and lifestyle.

Color Scheme Consultancy

Choosing the right color scheme is often the most difficult part to get right for a home decorator. Sometimes it’s due to lack of ideas, other times it’s the fear of making a mistake. However, it doesn´t have to be a stressful process. I will help you make the right choices and create a complete house colour palette so that all the different color tones of the exterior and interior of your house work together in harmony.

Custom Furniture Design

With bespoke joinery your home becomes genuinely unique. From kitchen and living room to wardrobe and utility room, the joinery pieces are specifically designed to fit perfectly in your home.Truly unique designs make you feel like your home has been created personally for you.

Lighting Solution

Lighting affects our mood and health more than we can imagine. A well-planned lighting solution makes a house into a home and highlights its style and personality. However, poor lighting can completely break an interior. It’s important to find a suitable lighting solution already at an early stage of the design process, because it is difficult, if not impossible, to make changes later. The dynamic use of general, spot and accent lights turns your home into a rich world of emotions that soothes the soul and refreshes the spirit.


Consultation is a great option if you want to discuss your ideas, ask for practical advice or need help with finding your personal style preference. During the consultation I will answer your questions and advise you on what type of work would be reasonable to undertake considering the room plan, current situation and your goals. I will give suggestions for the colour scheme, furniture selection, matching design elements and help you with any other changes you may want to bring to life.