The pastel-coloured townhouse in Kristiine with its refracted tones and airy interior looks like a fresh gust of springtime wind. The green tones and delicate shades were specifically requested by the client, and became the starting point for creating the interior design for this project. In the course of the renovation, all the rooms of the residence were given a new look. And the closets, kitchen, living room and bedrooms were redesigned. All the walls were refinished. The old fireplace was demolished and replaced with a new and modern one.

The heart of the two-story home is the kitchen on the ground floor, where rustic and luxurious elements harmonise. The bronze lighting and plumbing fixtures provide glamourous accents for the natural stone and light, warm wooden surfaces. The pastel green kitchen cabinetry creates a springtime feeling year round. A slightly bohemian elegance is provided by the chairs with woven seats and the round dining table, which keeps the room that flirts with delicate colours from seeming too heavy.

An effort has also been made in the rest of the residence to achieve a light and flowing sense of space, without any unwieldy elements. Interest is added by the skillful play of various materials, i.e. the natural stone wall in the kitchen is complemented by the clay plaster surfaces in the living room and microcement surfaces in the bathrooms.

The parade of spring colours continues on the second floor. The golden shades in the bedroom are inspired by the evening sun. A warm and cosy nuance is added by the soft wood patterns on the back wall of the bed, which harmonize beautifully with the golden details.

The architecture of the second floor includes dormer windows and sloping ceilings, and therefore requiring more attention to be paid to the ergonomics of the space. Every centimeter of the floor plan was important, and the best space-saving solutions were created by using custom-made furniture in both the bedroom and bathroom.