This bright and spacious family home built among the junipers in Kuusalu is an exciting example of how to combine elements of archaic farm architecture and modern construction. The high gable roof of the private house has been borrowed from traditional farmhouses and barns, which, with the help of modern solutions and large glass windows, enables the room to be flooded with the maximum amount of light and connects the interior and exterior into a single organic whole. The simple and minimalist architecture of the house is accentuated by the protruding cantilevered roof volumes at the ends of the living space, which act both as an interesting design element and a practical protective cover.

The interior of the home is in dialogue with the entire building. As the exterior of the building, the interior architecture is also inspired by Scandinavian and minimalistic trends. The concept is based on a charming and nuanced contrast between light and dark and on complementary materials. Here, bright wooden details and crisp concrete elements, natural stone and black metal are all combined.

The custom-made furniture gives the interior a polished look, and expresses a single aesthetic throughout, i.e. light wooden surfaces and frosted glass in the kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe, which feel clean and timeless. The work surfaces of natural stone in the kitchen and bathrooms create a light and meditative mood, and are beautifully combined with the warm wooden surfaces. The use of calming tones in the home textiles and interior elements adds a softness to the rooms.

In the interiors, a Nordic crispness blended with Japanese Zen produces a truly harmonious and meditative combination. Every detail and colour tone in the space has been carefully considered. A slightly provocative accent is added this totally peaceful synergy by the black details, i.e. the lighting, doors and partitions, revolving fireplace and tall bookshelves.

In the living room, one of the cleverest and most eye-catching details is the multifunctional TV solution, which is poured of concrete and also serves as a holder for the fireplace logs.