This three-room apartment in Noblessner was designed as a rental property at the client’s request. Therefore, the interior design also emphasizes functionality, practicality and durable solutions. The project’s designer was given free rein by the client, and thus, a kind of fantasy project was born, with the entire interior being thought out to the last detail and set in perfect harmony. Inspiration was drawn from the timeless style of Japan, which perfectly suited the standard apartment of this new development with its softness and warmth. Muted tones set the tone throughout the living space, with various shades of white and grey intertwining with sandy beiges to create a calm and rustic combination. Black accents energise the room with slightly more dramatic feelings.

The interior features materials characteristic of the Japandi style, i.e. natural plaster, marble, solid wood and soft woolen carpets. When it comes to furnishings, great emphasis was placed on durability and quality. The kitchen cabinetry is made to order and the wardrobes are from the Italian manufacturer Sangiacomo. All the furniture and the installation is from Arha Sisustustudio.

One of the most eye-catching furnishing elements in the apartment is a minimalist TV stand made of solid wood, which enables the TV to be turned so that it can be viewed from different corners of the room.