This spacious two-room flat in the historical part of Kalamaja catches one’s eye with a beautiful combination of light, brightness and space. The challenge was to visually heighten this living space with relatively low ceilings and provide a sense of spaciousness. To achieve this, the same color tone was chosen for both the walls and the ceilings, thereby helping the surfaces to blend together and blur the visible boundaries. Integrated, functional and predominantly monochromatic furniture, which remains unassumingly in the background and tends not to dominate the interior letting the space itself come to the fore. The glass wall in a black metal frame installed between the bedroom and the living room also supports the airy feeling.

The client wished to introduce slightly more industrial nuances to the interior in the form of a concrete floor. In the minimalist and crisp environment, details help to create a feeling of coziness.  Emphasis has been placed on greenery and on individual pieces of furniture that add color. The more historic side of the flat is indicated by a massive ceiling beam covered with wooden panels, which is a kind of bridge between the old and the new.