When creating the interior design for the flat, the main starting point was to try find a way to combine two very different styles, i.e. to amalgamate the Japandi style, which is very meditative, with industrial style that glorifies industrialism and production. Thus, a bright and cosy oasis to escape from the outside world was born.

The interiors are designed in a Japandi style characterised by minimalistic, simple forms, warm and neutral colour palettes and natural materials from nature. However, the industrial style loans include individual details that impact the overall impression. such as windows with black frames and black metal designer lights that add a bit of severity to the otherwise soft atmosphere. The Japandi style also extolls natural and durable materials, thus Calacatta marble and oak were chosen as the dominant materials. The facades of the wardrobes were given a Japanese-style ribbed texture and handles that add a rustic nuance.

If the Japandi style combines the characteristics of Japanese and Scandinavian design, here too Nordic crispness and extremely refined Japanese aesthetics meet. As is characteristic of the Far East, low forms have been used, and the living room furniture has is as low and close to the floor as possible..

The colour scheme remains true to the individual selected shades, i.e. the soft and warm whites as well as sandy beiges, all complemented by a deep black. The furniture selection emphasizes rounded and flowing forms, which add a lightness and softness to the interior. Soft bouclé fabrics help to complement the latter, while the custom-made works of art bind the various elements together.