In this two-story detached house, one is greeted on arrival by a bold play of colours, which was one of the central concepts in the creation of the interior design. The most contrasting of shades in the colour spectrum have found a place here, however, a balance has still been maintained in this rich combination. The bright colours are softened by the larger light-coloured surfaces and the finish of the natural wood floor.

The main focus is on creating the most spacious and light-filled feeling possible, and this is supported by the interior that is thought through to the smallest detail. The principle of flowing space has been followed and any excessive and unnecessary elements have been avoided. For example, the nearly 50-square-metre kitchen area is separated from the living room without using any doors. An airy and light-transmitting wooden lattice partition separates the kitchen from the living room. An airy staircase structure with railings connects the two floors, while not prevent light from reaching other parts of the room.

The overall interior design was largely based on the architecture of the house, but the needs of the family also had to be considered. For the lady of the house, the keywords for the interior were: filled with character, cosy and colourful. Thus, a living space suitable for everyone was created, i.e. where modernity, slightly romantic eclecticism and a cozy charming colouration are combined. In terms of materials, emphasis has been placed on natural wood and practical and easy-to-clean surfaces, such as ceramic tiles, and work surfaces. Wallpaper and wood-trimmed walls add a cosy and homey atmosphere to the rooms. For contrast, some glass elements were also added to the interior. One of the greatest eye-catchers is the exciting lighting fixture above the dining table along with the display cabinet finished with stained glass.

Luxurious-looking veneer, made of American walnut, has been used on kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, living room display cabinet and bookshelf. With the surrounding greenery and warm wall tones, a vividly playful calming harmony also emerges. The kitchen island and countertop are covered with Silestone, a hybrid material made of high-quality minerals, quartz and recycled materials, thereby creating a scratch-free and practical work surface.

The nice interplay of functionality and stylish design is striking in the wardrobe and sink cabinet. Aesthetic value is added by the symmetrical arrangement of the central elements, and character is created by the ribbed panels, golden doorknobs, handles and other small, but significant, details.

The greatest emphasis has been placed on creating privacy. The rooms of all the family members are on the second floor, but they separated from each other in various parts of the house.