This small home with lots of character in the heart of the city is full of contrasting but interconnected elements. It has two rooms — a bedroom and a living room. The latter is designed to fulfil several functions simultaneously, i.e. as a home office, kitchen and dining room.

The focal points and zoning in the room are created with contrasting colours and materials. The comfortable seating area in the living room is created by using more colourful nuances than the monochromatic kitchen finished in stark shades of marble. Black and white are counterbalanced by the mild beige and misty blue colour scheme in the living room. The small, and almost invisible, home office interwoven with wood is designed as a separate zone in the corner of the living room with the TV.

The bright and Nordic environment is enriched by well-planned shadow play that includes the smallest details. In the kitchen, the cabinet with darker shades of grey, black switches and faucet, as well as dark bar stools contrast with the light background. Carefully selected works of art help to successfully connect the various zone of the flat.

The bedroom enchants with its simple, almost ascetic, purity and warm earthy nuances provided by the wood finish on the headboard and the floor. Also worth noting is the well-considered lighting solution, which helps to achieve a soft light and a cozy atmosphere. However, one of the most important and practical solutions in this small apartment is the storage unit surrounding the bed that hold a lot, but seems modest in size and almost imperceptible.