The two-bedroom apartment combines stylish and clean minimalism with art deco that reflects the glamor of the 1920s. The overall impression of the interior is calm and restrained, but it also hides bolder details – such as bright red curtains, which perfectly complement the otherwise elegant wallpaper patterns and furniture with a modern design. Instead of traditional bedside lamps, oriental glass droplights have been used. In the fabulous guest bedroom, the photo wallpaper behind the headboard of the bed captures the attention, depicting a forest covered in the morning mist. Soft pastel tones contrast with the spacious bluish-green cabinets.

The kitchen connected to the living room is characteristically black, which, combined with wood and white and grey tones creates a pleasantly airy end result. Fenix fingerprint-resistant surfaces are truly user-friendly because they are easy to maintain and do not require too much attention. Golden details, as well as a quartz countertop with imitation marble add to the luxury. The kitchen island with a golden sink acts as an imaginary divide between the kitchen and the living room, which hides smart storage spaces on both the living room and kitchen side.