In the building, which represents the modern architecture of Kadriorg, the client wanted to see dark and cozy tones and avoid white walls and excessive sterility. Thus, the color scheme of the entire flat is comprised of mellow and soft beiges, delicate pink and peach accents, which exude warmth and coziness, as well as elegant refinement. The darker details in each room add contrast, and give the soft and almost fusible color a slightly more forthright coloration. Exciting murals, which have found a place on the walls of both the living room and the corridor, contribute to the harmonious whole, adding the necessary accent, but not demanding too much attention. The choice of lighting, which forms a complete ensemble, also comprises an integral design element.

In the bedroom, slightly smokier shades create a calm and darked atmosphere that promotes sound sleep. Great attention has also been paid to the functionality of the apartment, and practical custom-designed furniture, that is almost invisible in the interior, fulfils its function by enabling one to work comfortably in the home office set up in the bedroom.