The key word is “spring spirit”, which resonates throughout the interior, imitating the airy and delicate tones of spring cherry blossoms and apple orchards. Soft and mild tones are a special feature of this apartment and welcome guests in the living room, kitchenette and bedroom. The feminine energy of the project is expressed in pastel pink: clean wall surfaces, drop cloth curtains and decorative elements from flowerpots to coral candles. The flamingo pink tone is delicate, feminine and bright on the one hand, yet optimistic, lively and personal on the other. This adorable tone inspires and makes you move and act.

Cold and concrete grey surfaces and light-colored wood offer a contrast to the pastel pink nuances. The overall impression is Scandinavian, stylish and luxurious, but in a warmer and a bit bolder shade. Great emphasis has been placed on well-thought-out and intertwined textiles, characterized by different textures.


Te kitchen furniture is distinguished by clean matte surfaces and a minimalist clear form, cast in a delicate but almost imperceptible pastel half tone. Ceiling-mounted kitchen cabinets and numerous storage spaces allow you to make the most of the space and find a place for what you need in the kitchen.