The flat in the Old Town of Tallinn, which has been completely renovated, represents a classic but also modern mix-and-match aesthetic. During the renovation, the floors, communications, plumbing and doors were replaced, and fresh light finish was applied to the walls and ceilings.

The choice of materials is deliberately contradictory, in order make more modern and fresher winds blow in this a once dignified noble residence. Classic fishtail parquet, a grand glass chandelier and velvet fabrics contrast with the modern concrete floors to create an elegant harmony.

The lightweight wall between the hall and the kitchen was replaced with a glazed wooden door, which lets the light from the flat’s large windows of the flat reach even the darkest part of the flat, i.e. the entryway. The soft-toned interior is complemented by timeless dark oak veneer used for the custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.