Coziness and functionality became the key words in creating the interior design of this small apartment. In this very first home, the client wished to see a cozy reading nook under the window, spacious wardrobes and a mini office, as well as a kitchen with bold blue cabinetry. The interior design of the rest of the living space began to grow out of the blue kitchen. The audacity to plan a blue kitchen spread to the walls, providing a contrast to the soft pink and airy and luxurious light marble. The fresh, spring-like combination of blue and pink is also evident in the interior details, and the living room carpet pleasingly connects the kitchen and the living room into a visually functional whole.

In small flats, the challenge is often to fit everything you need into the minimal available space. Although the dimensions of the rooms were restricted the interior, ergonomic and functional solutions were born without the room becoming overcrowded.  The cozy reading nook in the bedroom also includes an open bookshelf, and the home office in the living room is a clever extension of the TV stand.