The calm and earthy tones of the apartment are characterized by the abundant use of wood and an airy and bright atmosphere. In the case of the kitchen furniture, two types of solutions have been used – the lower row of cabinets is made of imitation wood and the upper one features one colour. They are connected by a large back wall covered by a wood-patterned panel. The contrast is created by dimmed lighting, high kitchen chairs and black and white murals. Pastel-coloured sofa cushions and gold-framed paintings add brightness to the living room. The warm and wooden interior of the bedroom has a slightly bohemian and exotic feel – thanks to the low wood-frame bed and large geometric patterns. The bedside tables and minimalist wardrobe, which merge with the headboard, are Japanese Zen-like and clean in form. Thanks to the cleverly thought-out furniture, the children’s room is always in perfect order, because everything has its place – the base of the bed functions as a storage space and the bedside tables are replaced by spacious high shelves.